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I’m a New York native working in Los Angeles. After graduating from The Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, with a BFA in Photography and a Minor in Art History, I moved to LA.


With my knowledge of vintage fashion and passion for history, I am well suited for stylized concepts. I can add a filmic, cinematic, or timeless quality to any project.


Today, I am frequently working behind the scenes on film sets and at live events with a variety of celebrities and talent for clients. My on-set experience, which requires accurate but accelerated photographing to capture the ambiance before it’s gone, makes me a welcome bolt of lightning with a natural sense of urgency. If there's only ten minutes to get the shot, hold onto your shorts.

After growing my business in LA for 6 years, I am now available for work in both New York and Los Angeles.


When I’m not working, I’m practicing martial arts and eating pasta, but never at the same time.

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